Scrap Metal Recycling

Ferrous and Non Ferrous

As one of the region’s largest independent metal recyclers, we can recycle both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our site is equipped with an electronic 50-tonne weighbridge, enabling us to accurately weigh any scrap you bring to us. Our aim is to recycle as much as possible while providing you with a fair price for scrap metal, regardless of the size of the scrap metal load you provide.

We are keen to buy all grades of ferrous metals for recycling and offer extremely competitive prices. To ensure our customers receive the fairest price possible our ferrous and non-ferrous metal rates are linked to the Metal Bulletin. The Metal Bulletin is a trading and pricing system for the global metals industry, and we match the latest rates to give you a fair and accurate price for your scrap metal. For the most up to date prices, call us on 0116 2788114.

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