Understanding Scrap Metal & Its Value

With the world moving at such a fast pace nowadays, there is endless construction work and everyday businesses that use and get through metal. Not only that but with the population on the rise consumer scrap metal is on the rise too. Even though companies are being more efficient in the way they work and consumers are becoming more savvy in terms of recycling, there is still a large amount of scrap metal produced on a daily basis.

Due to the large amounts of scrap metal produced there is sometimes confusion about; what scrap metal is, its value, what is accepted and more. Therefore this is LSPS’s guide to scrap metal.

What is scrap metal?

Scrap metal is any leftover metal that is a by-product from any manufacturing process and or any metal that is now surplus to requirements. Most of the time this is usually seen in the form of consumer items in particular white goods such as washing machines or old car parts.

Is scrap metal illegal? 

No, scrap metal is not illegal and is a by-product of production for some businesses. Likewise if you have an old consumer product that is now obsolete that would also be considered scrap metal.

We allow anyone to bring scrap metal to us. All you will need to bring is a government issued identity e.g. passport or driving licence. Please note though we will not pay out for anything less than £20. We also do not issue cash and payment will be with a cheque.

What type of scrap metal is there?

There are lots of different types of scrap metal but some of the most common are; aluminium, copper brass and lead. These are most commonly split into two groups: ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Ferrous metals are metals that contain elements of iron in them. Therefore such metals as steel, carbon steel, cast iron and wrought iron fall into this category.

Non-ferrous metals are therefore metals that do not have any elements of iron in them. Metals within this category are metals like aluminium, copper, lead, zinc and tin.

How do LSPS grade metal?

We grade metal by either visually grading it or using a magnet.

What items are scrap metal do LSPS not accept?

These are the following items and scrap metal products that we LSPS do not accept:

  • Catalytic Converters
  • Fridges
  • Freezers
  • Safes

We hope that this short guide has given you a better understanding as to what scrap metal is and the next time you have some, how you can properly dispose of it. Furthermore with the scrap metal price continually fluctuating it is better to get in contact with us straightaway or come and visit us at our site.

If you need any further help with disposing of any scrap metal in Leicestershire and any other materials then please contact us today on 0116 278 8114 or via our contact form will look forward to hearing from you.