A Guide to Skip Sizes For Your Next Project

If you ever need a skip in Leicestershire then you have come to the right place. We have a range of different size skips to hire from 2 yard skips to big commercial 40-yard roll on roll off skips.


However if you are not sure about what skip size you should get and the size of it, we’ll  go into a little more detail about the different skip sizes that we offer and how much you are able to put in them. 


2 Yard Skips – Mini Skip (Small)


2 yard skips are our smallest skip that we hire out and these are great if you are dealing with a small site e.g. space is limited or if you only have a small amount of waste. When we say a small amount of waste, this still can be around 20 black bin bags. Likewise these skips can hold approximately 2 tonnes in waste which may be ideal for a garden or driveway renovations. The 2 yard skip is also often referred to as the ‘mini skip’.


4 Yard Skips – Midi Skip


A 4 yard skip is our medium sized skip that we hire out, nevertheless are excellent skips for smaller spaces whenever work is being carried out.


A 4 yard skip is about the size of an original Mini Cooper car and on this occasion can hold about 40 full bin bags of waste. If you are doing garden renovations the 4 yard skip can hold approximately 4 tons of waste. If you are doing a kitchen refit and therefore taking out your old kitchen it will be able to easily fit within the 4 yard skip. This size of skip is also often referred to as the ‘midi skip’.


8 Yard Skip – Maxi skip or Builders Skip


The 8 yard skip is a large sized skip known as a ‘maxi skip’ that is highly functional and can be used for both domestic or commercial waste skip hire jobs. With this skip size being larger it can hold up to approximately 80 bin bags of waste. If you were doing a large ground renovation job it could approximately hold about 8 tonnes of soil. These are great for complete house renovations and are often hired when companies are looking to do refurbishment of offices or small to medium retail units. These skips are often hired by builders and construction companies and are also known as the ‘builders skip’.


12 Yard Skips Jumbo Skips


A 12 yard skip is about the size of a regular van. These types of skips are used more on bigger projects for example larger house renovations or small factory refits. Due to this the jumbo skip can hold up to approximately 120 bin bags of waste. Although, it must be said that for this size of skip we only allow for lightweight materials to be placed within.


Roll On Roll Off (RORO) Skips


As mentioned earlier we are also able to provide roll on roll off skips for larger projects we offer two particular sizes for a RORO skips


20 Yard roll-on roll-off skip


20 yard roll-on roll-off skip can approximately hold 220 bags of waste. These again are recommended for larger projects for example shop or office refits.


40 yard roll on roll off skips


The largest of our skip family is our 40-yard skip which again is suitable for larger projects e.g. office refits etc this skip can hold up to 440 bin bags of waste.


One thing we would like to make clear though is that both of our roll on roll off skips are not suitable for large volumes of heavy materials e.g. bricks or masonry. Our smaller skips would be better for any masonry or heavy items.


Specialist at Delivering & Pick Up Skips in Small Areas


By now you’ve probably noticed that we know a thing or two about skips. In order to get your skip delivered or picked up a lorry has to come along to carry out the process. We know that not every job is the same and that sometimes the work area can be relatively small. So we’ve got one more ace up our sleeve to get that skip delivered and picked up when space is limited. 


We have a small pickup truck called ‘Baz’ who is able to manoeuvre into tight spaces where other big lorries cannot. Our little truck can deliver skips up to 8 yard skips but can only pick pull up, upto 8 yard skips with lightweight materials. His little pulleys and levers are not quite strong enough for lots of heavy material.

Small Skip Vehicle


Hopefully this has given you a full rundown of all the different skips sizes that we have depending on the size of your project.


Even if you have got a very limited space we have a solution so you do not need to worry.


If you have any other questions about what skips are needed for any project you have in Leicestershire then please do get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help and advise.


Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you soon.